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Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy, described below, define the actions that Injazat Technologies (“Injazat “, “Company”, “We”) consider It as offensive and totally prohibited. companies or individual account holders who use our Services (“Customers”)

The Acceptable Use Policy below outlines the actions, Injazat consider it offensive, and therefore strictly prohibited.

This acceptable use policy governs the use of the Company's products and services (“Services”), This Acceptable Use Policy is incorporated into each contract the Company enters into with a Customer for the use of these Services. The Company may modify this Acceptable Use Policy at any time without notice.

Prohibited Uses

Customers and users may not:

  • Use the Services to send unsolicited bulk and/or commercial messages over the Internet (commonly known as “spam”). It is not only harmful because of its negative impact on the Company's positions, but also because it can overburden the Company's network and disrupt service to its customers. Any direct action, configuration or setup that causes an increase in the number of outgoing emails is subject to review and action.
  • Use the Services for any illegal activity. Without limitation, customers and users may not:
    • use the Services for trade in illegal drugs, gambling and/or obscene materials and/or any other products or services prohibited by applicable law;
    • use the Services to forge or otherwise misrepresent message headers, either in whole or in part, to disguise the originator of the message,
    • Use the Services in any way that violates applicable law.
  • Use the Services in connection with any malicious activity. Without limitation, customers and users may not:
  • Use the Services to post information that (a) constitutes defamation (b) personal information or a photograph of a person without that person's consent and/or (c) violates any person's privacy rights. Use the Services to threaten people, make harassing or offensive statements or messages, or solicit the performance of acts or services that are illegal under applicable law.
  • Use the Services in connection with any disruptive or abusive activity.
  • Deploy messages or programs that take up too much CPU, storage space, or other resources.
  • Make use of the Services to provide mail services or mail forwarding capabilities or other than a User's own account.
  • Use the Services to sabotage or assist others in sabotaging the security or integrity of any of the Company's systems, facilities or equipment.
  • Use the Services to obtain unauthorized access to the computer networks of the Company or any other person.
  • Use the Services to (i) forge a signature, mark or other identifying symbol of any other person, (ii) impersonate any other person.
  • Use the Services to distribute or disseminate any virus and/or software intended to disable the Services, destroy data, destroy or damage equipment or block the Services.
  • Make use of the Services to perform port scans or other actions against any server.
  • Use the Services to distribute, advertise, or promote programs or services whose primary purpose is to encourage or facilitate unsolicited commercial email or spam.
  • Use the Services to solicit, collect, distribute, advertise or promote lists of email addresses for the purpose of encouraging or facilitating unsolicited commercial email or spam.
  • Use the Services in any way that may expose the Company to any liability for any reason, or negatively affect the Company’s public image, reputation, or goodwill, including, but not limited to, sending or distributing sexually explicit, hateful, vulgar or racist material racial, ethnic, or otherwise unacceptable as determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • For Shared Hosting Services it is prohibited to use, run, enable, execute, compile or upload executable code, programs or software packages designed to perform tasks not directly related to web site or email hosting.


The Company expressly disclaims any obligation to monitor its Customer and other users for violations of this Acceptable Use Policy. The Company assumes no responsibility for the actions of any of its Customer and / or other users or for any content that any user may post on any website.


If Company becomes aware of a violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, Company may, in Company's sole discretion, take any of the following actions, depending on the severity and duration of the violation:

  • Warning to the Customer, and/or
  • Suspend the offending Customer's account and services, and/or
  • Denying the offending Customer of services, and/or
  • Imposing fees or charges on the breaching Customer's account in accordance with the applicable service contract, and/or
  • remove the offending content, and/or
  • Take other actions in accordance with this Policy, applicable service contract, or applicable law.



The Company reserves the right to cooperate with appropriate legal authorities in investigations into allegations of illegal activity involving Company services, Customer and other users. The Company reserves all other rights to respond to violations of this acceptable use policy within the limits of applicable law and in accordance with any applicable contractual obligations.  The Company may use technical tools to monitor communications within and outside its network facilities to prevent the viruses or other hosted code, to prevent intrusions and otherwise to enforce this Acceptable Use Policy, and each Customer agrees that the Company is authorized to monitor communications over the Company’s network for these purposes.